Thanks to COVID-19, students across Ontario are isolated in their homes, unable to receive a proper education. Therefore, we the undersigned present this petition to Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, and the Government of Ontario, requesting the following:

1. Expand eLearning across the province to continue granting credits to students

2. Full academic amnesty for all K-12 students, so they can move to the next grade.

3. Work with Colleges and Universities to create a fair admissions process for students graduating this year.

We thank the Government of Ontario for the work they have done in the past weeks to ensure the health and safety of students, teachers, and their families. By presenting this petition, we now ask that they continue to protect students by implementing the above conditions to #SaveTheSchoolYear.

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Sign the Petition: Tell Doug Ford to #SaveTheSchoolYear from COVID-19 and protect K-12 students across Ontario.

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    I think it’s way too early to be calling it a whole entire school year they’re good eats that are looking forward to graduating and have been working so hard….I understand this virus is serious and deadly and very contagious however I think it should be played by ear and you re-evaluated every couple weeks even if they receive one month of schooling before going to grade 9 and get to have their graduation that is worth it in my opinion
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