We The Students

We The Students is the culmination of our efforts to protest the cuts to OSAP and the forced "Student Choice Initiative". On January 25th, nearly ten-thousand people amassed at Queen's Park to protest the removal of free tuition and the slashing of funding for both academic departments and student life. The size of this March Against OSAP Cuts was not the most impressive figure; the impact was felt by the return of thousands just over a week later on February 4th, both at Queen's Park and on campuses province-wide.

The evolution of these efforts is the We The Students campaign, led by our partners at the Canadian Federation of Students. March for Our Education is a founding member of the coalition behind We The Students, and we continue to work with CFS Ontario as well as countless other community stakeholders to continue the fight for free tuition. We The Students is the ongoing flagship initiative of March for Our Education for our post-secondary efforts.

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